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Want to rent out our space at Dry Heat?

That’s awesome! We love a good private party, we live for a solid work conference, and we would be thrilled to be in your films. Or whatever else you’re imagining! Our space is available for all types of private rental options, and we’ll do our best to make your creative dreams come true. 

What are you thinking of using our space for? 

I’d like to film something in Dry Heat. 

We knew we had star quality! We love the New Mexico film industry and are happy to work with productions of all shapes and sizes to make our space available for filming. We have a sliding day rate for filming rentals, but our starting ask for most professional productions is $1000 for a full day of closure. If you’re a student looking for a few hours of shooting in our space, we can talk about your budget and come to a generous agreement. 

I’d like to host a screening of a film or a television event at Dry Heat. 

Whether you want to show off your senior thesis film or simply host a killer watch party for your favorite show or an important football game, we’re available for that too. For certain huge culturally important TV events (like the Superbowl or the Oscars and so forth), we will likely already be hosting our own events at the space. We’ve got some pretty fun plans for awards season. For screenings, we charge a flat rate of $100 an hour, plus whatever we’d need to cover licensing fees or cable access for the media you’d like to show. 

I’m thinking a wrap party at Dry Heat would be awesome. 

We agree! For wrap parties, we’d need to chat about your hopes and dreams so that we can make your event a reality (and get you a reasonable quote). 

I’d like to host a birthday party at Dry Heat. 

Heck yeah! We love birthdays. Contact us about exactly what you’re thinking, and depending on what your party needs are, we’ll quote you a customized rental fee. 

Can I use Dry Heat to record my album or get a kickass comedy tape?

Great idea! We’d be flattered. Unless you have something really particular in mind, you can typically book a show with us for a flat guarantee of $100. See our booking page for more info. 

If you’re just looking for a tape of your set in Dry Heat, we can arrange that for you, too. Just talk with us a few weeks before you’re performing in our space so we can make sure we have what we need tech-wise (and staffing-wise) to get you a killer tape of your set. Depending on what you’re looking for, we might ask you to kick us some extra cash to help cover production costs. 

I’m hoping to do a book release at Dry Heat. Thoughts?

We love literary events here at Dry Heat. To plan a book release or a reading, contact us directly via email. We can chat about book orders, partnerships with other bookstores in town, and other such literary things. We host lots of literary events at Dry Heat—to get a feel for what we’re typically interested in platforming, swing by a reading or two. If your project matches up with our vibe, odds are good we’ll host your reading free of charge, with add ons for food or drink. 

What about a fundraiser, workshop, or business conference? Can I do that at Dry Heat? 

Of course! Our values guide our booking process, so if you’re fundraising for a cause we believe in, we’re more than happy to help you out with that. We tend to be pretty picky about political fundraisers. Any other fundraisers are usually a go. Contact us for a custom quote on rental options. We like to give back—especially to our downtown Albuquerque neighbors or to members of our other communities—so depending on the cause you’re supporting, we may donate the space to you.

If you’re hosting a one-off, hour to two hour workshop, see our booking page for our process. If you’re hoping to host a full conference in our space, especially if you’re a business entity, let us know what your specific needs are, and we’ll build you a custom quote. As an independent, entrepreneur-run space, we love supporting other small businesses in the 505. 

Long story short, we are very open to most rental requests so long as we don’t already have bookings that day/night. 

Here are some things to keep in mind about renting our space:

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