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Want to perform at Dry Heat Comedy Club?

Dry Heat is a showcase club that offers shows featuring multiple comics doing shorter sets. We very rarely have spots for headliner weekends. We usually book showcase comedians via email, or face-to face. For booking inquiries, please feel free to email us a recent tape, your headshot, a bio, and the dates you’ll be visiting Albuquerque. Our email address is If we feel that you are a good match for Dry Heat Comedy Club, we’ll write you back in a timely fashion and add you to any shows on our roster. We appreciate the chance to see everybody’s work.

We keep a roster of all active local to Albuquerque and Santa Fe comics that we regularly book from. If you’re consistently performing in ABQ or in Santa Fe, you’re already being considered for shows. 

If you’re interested in trying out stand-up comedy for the first time (or just for the first time in a long time), we also host regular open mics. Our Dry Heat mics are pretty early in the evening (so that we can keep our prime times open for seasoned performers), but we also have a lot of info posted on different open mics around town. Check the calendar or swing by the space and give comedy a try! We believe in you! 

Want to vouch for someone?

If we know you, and you know somebody hilarious who happens to be coming through town, send us an email and let us know why your friend should perform at Dry Heat. It helps us if we have a recent tape and a bio, too. Don’t forget to add the dates they’ll be here. 

What if you have a show idea? 

Hell yeah! We love a good concept show. Before you pitch any show to us, make sure you come see at least one show in the space. If we like your concept, we’ll have a lot of questions about where things should go/which tech you need, etc. It helps everyone if we all have a working understanding of the space. 

There are three ways to host your show at Dry Heat. 

  1. We hear about your show while we’re out and about in the comedy world. We love it. We ask you to do a show at Dry Heat. 
  2. You come to a show at Dry Heat, and you’re like, “Damn! I wish my show could be here.” Send us a description of your show concept, how often you’d like to do it, and what your needs are. If we like the show, and we think it fits into our lineup (and we have the budget for it), we’ll contact you with further details.
  3. You can perform any one-off show, workshop, screening, reading, or other single-performer art piece in Dry Heat for a guarantee of $100. That means you’d either need to front the $, or we’d take it out of your ticket sales for the event. This fee goes back into the space to help keep the lights on. The good news? You keep the rest of the ticket sales. Pretty neat, huh? (Oh, and your show still has to align with the values of the space. Basically, as the club’s owners, we get veto power.) To book something like this, just email us with your concept, the day you’d like, and a little bit about yourself, and we’ll coordinate with you to make it happen. If you’re looking for more of a full rental situation, you can get more details on that here. 

What if you have a show idea we like, but you happen to live across the country? 

Oh yeah. If we like your show, we will definitely contact you even if you’re not local. We want to have a really diverse lineup of performers AND shows at Dry Heat, so if we can make it work, we’ll bring you out here to perform it yourself.

If you can’t travel out here and do the show yourself, we also run a program where we’ll pay you to borrow your show concept for the night. If you agree to let us borrow the show, we’ll credit you as the show’s creator, and play a video introduction from you on our onstage projector screen before we kick the show off. After the show airs, we’ll send you the agreed-upon fee, and your show will have reached brand new audiences! Sweet, right? We thought so. 

Is there anyone who can’t perform at Dry Heat? 

Yeah, for safety reasons, we don’t let the following kinds of folks perform at our club. (But don’t worry, if you don’t fall into these groups, we’re generally pretty laid back).

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